100 % successful season 2008

16 starts and 16 finish line arrivals – this is very successful record of our Honda in the last season 2008. Some of very good attainments of our clients were possible also thanks to 100 % reliability of the vehicles. We can especially mention, for instance, attainment of the title “vice-mister” in the group N/3 v MMČR for the crew - Robert Vodicka- Karel Hedl (Pavel Dobis) - (1st place in Rally Sumava, 2nd place in Really Krumlov, 3rd place in Rally Trebic, 2nd place in Rally Bohemia, 2nd place in Barum Rally) or nice part score such as 2nd place in absolute classification in 55th Rajd Wisly 2008 of the Polish crew Bartlomiej Grzybek-Michal Ranik.

From other crews that took part in other competitions both in the Czech Republic and abroad we should mention our stable Austrian crew - Johann Drapela - Corina Konrad-Lustig for whom the highest success was achievement of several 3rd places in N/3 in Agrotec Rally Hustopece or a couple Robert Adolf – Jan Kratochvil from Prerov who after attaining an international licence transferred into already mentioned highest category N/4 with Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9. The last mentioned crew is the couple of joyful young men Jakub Koudela – Ondrej Vichtora who get on the “merry-go-round” of rally sprints only for the last two sprints in the season. These freshmen on the routes of speed trials are becoming another stable crew in the team for the year 2009.

For the forthcoming season our team has prepared entirely new vehicle which will belong to the best cars in its class. This vehicle is an approved HONDA Civic type-R with 232 PS, with shock-absorbers Proflex EVO 2, short six-speed gearbox with self-locking differential. To guarantee better manipulation for our crews, it is also equipped inside with device Tripmaster and Stack which enables the crew to better observe operational values of the vehicle and the whole race. We are planning to launch one more brand new vehicle soon.

Season 2009 is going to start in several days with the Wallachian Rally in Vsetin. Our number one - Robert Vodicka-Karel Hedl – will start in this race with this new vehicle and we wish them all the best on the routes of RZ. Let’s hope that the new vehicles will be as reliable as the old ones and the careful preparation of our team will be reflected in the score.