A new HONDA Civic type R FN2 for rent

PRW racing team offers a possibility of the new model of HONDA Civic type R FN2 for rent. This car appeard in our workshop at the beginning of 2013, when it was brought from Irish Dublin as a base in raw state for Martin Trojek who was a novice in rallysport. After all necessary modifications and revisions, a nice and competitive car was created. Because Martin has decided to leave rallysport after two years, now this car is free for rent.

HONDA Civic Type – R, FN2, sk. 8

  • engine DOHC, i-VTEC, 1998 ccm, power 231,4 PS ,torque 231 Nm
  •  ECU EFI EURO 4 with datalogger, maping by LSC motorsport- ing.Brázdil
  • new short 6-speed gearbox with LSD JAS motorsport,final drive ratio 6,33 /or 5,46/
  • shock absorbers Proflex EVO 4
  • 17" wheels Speedline
  • tires Michelin, Matador
  • hydraulic handbrake
  • dashboard Aim- MXL Strada
  • roll cage Custom cages
  • equipment Sparco
  • orientation price from 19 Eur/km of SS