Summary of the 2010 season PRW Racing Team

This season has become a big change for our team because apart from our reliable vehicles Honda Civic type R in the group N/3 we have begun with the preparation of a new vehicle Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 in the group N/4 for the crew Richard Kirnig – Jirka Hovorka (alternatively Martin Bartos, Karel Hedl). Our cooperation with this crew started already at the beginning of 2009 when this crew took part in Sprint Championship of the Czech Republic with the vehicle Honda type R. After successful series of 5 sprints they arranged an international licence that is needed for participation in the main championship – International Championship of the Czech Republic. Following this, we managed to arrange a well-prepared vehicle Mitsubishi EVO 9 from Mr. Lovecky from the company Locar and we started to use this car. The season did not started in the best way – after two less serious accidents in Trebic and in Sumava mountains we gradually managed to get power in Luzice mountains, in Cesky Krumlov and Kopna. After these initial competitions our crew managed to get the entire feeling for the new vehicle and it was followed by excellent results in Krkonose mountains, in Bohemia, in Kostelec nad Orlici (4th place, absolute) and in the very difficult Barum rally (15th place within the International Championship of the Czech Republic). The season was concluded by two sprints in Jeseniky mountains and in Vsetin. The transition to a new technique was for our team successful due to the fact that throughout the whole season we did not have any technical defects. This fact was for all of us very pleasant and encouraging for the next seasons.

After building up the new vehicle Honda Civic type R throughout the season four crews exchanged as the drivers of Honda – vice-masters N3 for the year 2009 Robert Vodicka-Karel Hedl, Radim Usela-Martin Samohyl, our steady Austrian couple Johhan Drapela-Auer Harald (alt. Marin Doutlik) and freshmen in our vehicle, masters of N2 in 2010 - Dan Vladyka and Igor Norek who tried to drive the vehicle that was new for them. Concerning Honda we have had an easygoing season without any accidents or technical problems. The quality of Japanese vehicles Honda has been proven by the fact that since 2008, when we started to operate these vehicles, they have taken part in pp 47 competitions and they have never been withdrawn due to any technical problems.

We are grateful for this in particular thanks to our mechanics – Petr Pola, Marek Skolnikovic with the leader mechanic Mirek Pilar who is a great support for our team and right now we are already looking forward to the new season 2011 which will hopefully be as successful as the previous one.